Coins Cheats Mega Dragon Run iPhone

In mega dragon run game, you must try to finish a variety of dangerous achievements
Later on, you must find and rescue your mother so that you can reunite your family.

Mega Dragon Run

You have to run as fast as possible while doing a great jump on floating platforms, spit fire and burn enemies.

By avoiding all obstacles and running faster you will earn more coins to buy items needed in this game
Buy a lot power ups and collectables items with your money coins you have got

You have to fight till your last breath in your journey full of action in order to save your mother.
Collect more bonus achievements for completing each stage

The game has three game modes Quick mode, arcade mode and multiplayer mode.
Play in multiplayer mode will allow competitors to participate in real-time, multiplayer tournaments.

In this section the player will see a different screen, but they compete simultaneously while viewing each other’s scores, and also making comments.
In the multiplayer gaming service, you can now be matched against opponents in live tournaments.

You can use two thumb-controllers when playing this game.
Simply make one tap on the button to make the running dragon jump

You can hold the button to make the dragon fly.
The right thumb-controller will enable the fire-breathing dragon to scorch enemies in its path.
Check how much longer the dragon can fly without running to recharge in A Flight Meter.

In Arcade mode, players are scored by the distance covered, the number of enemies killed, and the number of gold coins gathered.

So achieve cumulative scores to level-up your character and buy stronger dragons and power-ups in the store.

You need to run as far as you can then collect as many coins as you can while unlocking a lot of achievements.

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