How to Unlock Full New Missions in Mayday Emergency Landing iPhone

In mayday emergency landing game, all you wil do is to get high score and unlock 40 missions along with extra missions
To do this, you must try to complete the main objective in this game

mayday emergency landing game tutorial

Here, you have to land the aircraft on the different types of runway safely and smoothly
On the other word try to land different types of aircraft while dealing with a plethora of emergencies, like turbulence, bad weather, an on-board fire and busted landing gear.

During playing in some missions you will be challenged to land the plane in 4 type of surfaces such as in landing strip, motorway, ground, water.
So it will really test your ability of the flight knowledge basically

Your flight skill and knowledge will be tested again when landing the aircraft in 5 breathtaking scenarios all around the world including countryside, desert, seaside, city and tropical islands.

Meanwhile landing the plane in the most diverse weather conditions such as in heavy rain, fog, strong wind, turbulence and night landings will increase your tension as such weathers make their own challenges for every pilot to make a smooth landing in every weather.

Simply tilt the iOS device up or down to ascend or descend, then right and left to roll.
By doing so will maintain acceptable altitude and speed levels so long as you remain within the flight path, marked with green rings you will need to fly through any condition of weather.

Therefore you have to maintain constant airspeed and secure a comfortable angle of descent by varying the engine power and using all the aircraft instrumentation then manage heartbreaking airplane failures: flaps, gear, engine.

You have to take a control over a plane when approaching the runway strip, passing it through all of the circles and making a preparation for landing with just the right angle and acceleration while avoiding any injuries or losses in your man-cargo.
Stay alert of the handful of dangers that fire in particular and the occasional gasp from passengers.

Some levels will give you various challenges, bigger planes in which you will overcome some parts malfunctioning or in extreme circumstances like hurricane.

You need much accuracy and patience to land this aircraft safely without someone breaking his arm or somewhat dying in the process.
So try making progress through a wide variety of difficulty levels to increase your ranking to become a pro pilot among other players.

You will have a campaign and a world map, a great number of planes to land and a great number of things to overcome during the flight.
For such reason you will undergo a training session of how to steer the plane you are required to save to not turn things real dark, real quick.

There will be a number of buttons with a very real meaning and consequences, but the main control over your plane is just to tilt your device to left and right, to make it turn and raise and up and down, to make it raise and dive its nose when going to land on the different surfaces.
A speed lever to the left will set the speed and deceleration of the plane during having a flight on the air.

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