How to Unlock Hidden Iso 8 in Avengers Initiative iPhone

Tips to get combo in avengers initiative game
Get combo gems like Prismatic Defense which delivers +750 health and +11 stamina.

Avengers Initiative on iPhone

Two-Hit Combo is tap two hits in opposite and non-diagonal directions that is Left, Right.
Three-Hit Combo is tap three hits in the same direction that is Left, Left, Left.

Four-Hit Combo is tap two hits in opposite directions and followed by two hits in the two remaining directions excluding diagonals that will be Down, Up, Left, Right.

Five-Hit Combo is tap two hits in the same direction and tap two hits in the opposite direction then tap one hit in one of the other directions, excluding diagonals that will be Right, Right, Left, Left, Up.

Steps to earn isotope 8 in this game
Try to find free ISO-8 littered throughout each environment.
Search and tap purple shining to pick up ISO-8.
Play The ISO-8 Bash Mini-Game by pressing one among large piles of ISO-8 in which you can swipe the screen to produce tinier chunks just waiting to be collected.

Strategy to get hulk`s power in this game
Try to use three of six different powers of The Incredible Hulk tied to his Rage meter.
World Breaker power is to smash the ground in order to unleash a wave of damage
Unmatched Might power is to roar and produce dangerous gamma radiation.

Try to unlock them by using ISO-8.
Make sure to upgrade them to increase their overall effectiveness in combat.
Remember to distribute stat points

Invest in your character
Flawed Health gives Hulk a +375 health boost
Radiant Damage provides +120 damage.

Always unlock and upgrade hulk`s power
Level up first to earn stat points for transporting Hulk into the ultimate smashing machine and to boost his Health, Damage, Stamina and Rage in order to make him stronger in the process.

Tips to accomplish mission in this game
Make your move to sidestep to avoid some attacks.
Place stat points in the areas that are most helpful.

Try to deflect Mandroid’s missile attack back at the attacker.
Try to chain the same color of ISO-8 at the same time to get more ISO-8 and to maximize your multiplier during ISO-Bash.

Stay alert of enemies moves, like sidestepping or deflecting so you can adjust your approach depending on the enemy you face.

Always deflect an enemy’s attack to get a larger opening than just blocking it.
Try to have more augments to unlock the Hulk’s potential.
Always check enemy info such as enemy level and combat challenges.

Make sure to do a timed blocks at the right time to stun an enemy.
Always search for items in exploration mode to find item such as iso 8.
Always use Power inputs fast during certain Rage attacks to give more damage.
Always remember to level up and heal first before starting combat to win it.

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