How to Unlock New Chapters in Bridgy Jones on iPhone

In bridgy jones game, you must solve each mission by constructing a great bridge for the locomotive
Here, you must help a Mr. Jones build bridges with some materials including planks, ropes, and concrete blocks to support the bridge and overcome ravines, chasms, rivers and gorges that always block his loaded cargo vehicle from reaching his destinations

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In the way of solving each mission, you can connect tracks, put your blocks on flat ground, have ropes hanging from the connecting point from above, link planks to tracks to bear the weight of the tracks, the passing locomotive, and the characters.

In addition you will deploy materials in editing mode and in action mode, you will move the locomotive rightward or leftward to earn and pay tolls, find back missing cargo, and move to the destinations

All you have to do is just tap a point, slide across screen, and you will have a track, rope or plank segment put in place.
Meanwhile try to hold the joint point of two materials to change its position, which will lead to length changes of the joining materials.

Concrete blocks are placed by holding the block button, sliding across the screen and then releasing in a desired flat place.
You can also flip the cancel button to cancel last moves, or even blow up existing useless structures.
Once having a bridge built, just tap and hold the left button or the right button to move the locomotive and cross the bridge successfully.

Remember you have to deploy the materials in order the bridge not to break till the locomotive gets through.
All materials such as ropes, planks, and tracks have their maximum lengths
However if every material you used is in its maximum length, you cannot change the positions of their joints as they are more likely to break into pieces.

Bumps on the bridge often cause cargos to fall off and a steep bridge will cause the locomotive to turn over or get stuck in the middle of the bridge.
When walking in an icy bridge, you move slowly as it is quite slippery.
And not to stay longer on the bridge as it will be more likely to break it.

Just test different ways of combining materials to build either traditional or non-traditional structures.
Get all your materials linked such that the bridge holds together as the train crosses on it then see how few materials can be used to just barely make it through the level.

You can also move the train forward or backward with on screen controls from the building menu.
There will be challenges such as toll bridges and icy tracks for maneuvering the train crossing the bridge.
For such reason you can adopt new strategies for bridge like placing and combining those materials in the right place.

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