How to Get Golden Cards in Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Cinematic on iOS

In hearthstone heroes of warcraft cinematic game, you have to collect and upgrade common cards to be golden cards
Then, you can unlock new heroes and evolve some cards to a higher tier of rarity

hearthstone heroes of warcraft golden cards

Early on this game, you must unlock new heroes and collect basic cards by playing in Practice Mode so that those cards can be disenchanted for raw materials to create new ones and to build a variety of custom decks to suit your shifting strategies in Collection Manager

Now you can play as nine different mighty heroes with different type of cards namely commons, rares, epics, and even legendary cards in which they can be disenchanted in a crafting system to change your cards into arcane dust in order to build other cards.

Playing in Practice mode will allow you to play against a computer-controlled hero of any class at one of two different difficulty levels.
So try to challenge that hero in two competitive game modes to unlock it for play and expand the types of cards to be added to your card deck collection.
In addition the beginning of the journey you will earn a fledgling Mage deck by launching the game only

Before disenchanting your cards collection you have to figure out that basic cards with no rarity indicator cannot be disenchanted to be the rare cards and only the expert cards that can be disenchanted to be the rare ones.

Inside each pack consist of five random cards based on its rarity that will be common in white, rare in blue, epic in purple, or legendary in orange.
You can upgrade each card in the pack to be a Golden card to increase the appearance of the card but not its power.

Expert cards in each pack can be “disenchanted” to get arcane dust resources but destroying the card in the process.
After collecting enough dust, you can use it to create any card in the game, including Golden cards to be added to your collection.
Remember that the amount of dust you will receive is based on the card’s rarity whether it is common, rare, epic, or legendary one.

By disenchanting your expert cards in your collection you can receive arcane dust, then use your collected dust to craft other cards of your choosing.
On the other side you can have additional cards by getting certain achievements.
Note that one of the cards will become “rare” rarity or greater and one or more additional cards will have also “upgraded” to a higher tier of rarity.

Try to build a deck based on one of nine epic Warcraft heroes with each representing one of the original World of Warcraft classes namely Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior.

Once building your deck you can customize or modify it to be the perfect deck to suit your play style in this game.
You create, save, and edit multiple decks in Collection Manager for whatever situation or play style that want.

So collect and select among hundreds of cards with a wide range of colorful Warcraft spells, weapons, and characters and develop fine-tuning of your deck-building strategies.

Before upgrading your cards collection to be the golden one you have get some expert cards firstly

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