Gems Beer Cheats Vikings Gone Wild for iPhone

Vikings Gone Wild is a new strategy game, you will be allowed to control your own village of vikings, as well as recruiting troops and sending them into battle against rival clans.

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In the beginning of the game, you will start with a small village, creating beer in factories which you can use to recruit additional viking warriors.
There will be some troops that you have to train including archers, warriors, bear riders and wall breakers at first, with stronger vikings requiring more beer to recruit.
Note that you can only store a limited amount of beer, introducing an update system to the game.

Besides beer, you will only take a limited number of soldiers into battle, and you can choose how many troops to actually deploy onto the field.
Troops attack automatically, depending on which item they are closest to, and you will earn rewards for each success.
Quests will guide players through these battles, and through specific tasks back home.

In line with building your base, make sure to keep your Townhall in the middle, protected by as many walls as possible.
Also, any sheep cannon that you have must be smartly placed at the center of the base to cover as much space as possible.

The Sheep Cannon is an impressive and extremely useful weapon because it has a humongous range.
Because of this, try to put it short: factories and taverns and everything else that is not a Townhall, defensive tower or storage goes outside the walls, everything else packed inside, surrounded by as many layers of walls as possible.

Anyway, before upgrading the game’s storage system, you will need to upgrade the town hall in which a larger town hall gives you access to larger recruitment buildings, homes and so on.

After upgrading the town hall, you can continue to upgrade your Gold Factories, as you will need more gold than the other resource, so make sure you upgrade it first.

Nectar is extremely important once you unlock it, but gold remains your priority for a long time because you need it to upgrade most of your buildings especially for the really expensive walls.

When upgrading troops in this game, you will spend a ton of resources and time improving the stats of your troops.
For such reasons, just watch the upgrade tree to see what upgrades you can get and focus on the most important ones.

If you want to upgrade Archers, remember not to get too much advantage early on from the health bonuses since it still remains low, but some extra damage will do wonders and help them pack a stronger punch before they are gone in which you must also decide what works best for your strategy and follow that route.
It is caused by you will simply not be able to completely upgrade all the stats of all your troops too soon or without spending a lot of Gems.

Early on, build up your military presence as your top priority
Archers for long range shooting, sent after the warriors, so that you will have many wins under your belt and resources gathered.

Remember to keep upgrading your Taverns as much as possible because pretty soon you will have to switch to using the more advanced troops.
At this point, all you will do is to find your own style and send in the troops to get the most resources at the lowest costs.

In this game, heroes are extremely vital and even Thor, which is your starting hero, can help you a lot in battle.
So make to unlock heroes as soon as you have the resources and that you keep upgrading them through training and getting them into battle.
Plus, you have to unlock the Nectar resource, that you can use to start crafting for your heroes to improve them even more.

In order to get free Gems in the game, you will be assigned to complete missions, connect with Facebook, as well as taking advantage of the special offers that you will receive often and so on.
So make sure that you take advantage of all the free gems that you can receive so that you can use them to speed up the building of your structures

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