How to Complete Visit Tastes Level in Fashion Star Boutique iPhone

In order to complete visit tastes level in fashion star boutique game, you can follow these steps
Claire Visits
Tastes Claires’ second visit tastes are Collar, lace, paneled, polka dot, long sleeves, Pleated, Drop waist and Peplum
Claire’s tastes are belted, sleeveless, long sleeves, organic and collar cut-out for Clair

Fashion Star Boutique on iPhone

Catherine Visits Tastes
Catherine’s the first tastes visit are: vintage, pockets, asymmetrical, buckles, mens wear, sheer, and woven.
Catherine’s second visit tastes is lace, cut-out, sleeveless, beading,vintage lace, ruffle, high waist and square neck.
Or they are ruffles, beading, square, neck, high, waist, sleeveless, lace and cut out
Catherine’s taste are vintage pockets asymmetrical buckles mens wear sheer Buckles and Woven

Evelyn Visits Tastes
Evelyn’s second visit tastes is paneled, buckles and bandeau
Evelyn’s tastes are Collar Double Breast Bow Pleated Stripes Long Sleeves empire waist chevrons

Natalia Visits Tastes
Natalia’s first visit tastes are slit, floral, belted, v neck, sheer and long sleeves
Natalia’s second visit tastes are v-neck, men’s wear, rolled sleeves, buckles, western, sheer and 2 missing.

Olivia Visits Tastes
Olivia the first visit tastes are metallic vintage 3/4 sleeves scoop neck cropped
Olivia’s 2nd visit are Flutter sleeves, drop waist, cropped, slit, asymmetrical, floral, geometric, halter neck

Morgan Visits Tastes
Morgan’s tastes visit are lace, vintage, applique, pleated, knit, thin straps, double breast and hooded or Morgan’s tastes Pleated, Knit, Vintage, Applique, Double Breast, Lace and Thin Straps and hooded
Morgan 2nd visit: feathers, square neck, knit, vintage, embroidered, double breast, floral

Camille Visits Tastes
Camille’s Taste second visit is Belted, thick straps, halter neck and drop waist, +4 more, sleeveless, animal, buttons and belted, tribal, empire waist and tube top
Camilles tastes are Animal Peplum Sweetheart Neck line Rolled Sleeves Sleeveless Slith.

Sydney Visits Tastes
Sydney’s second visit tastes is belted, v neck, buttons, long sleeves, asymmetrical, Rolled sleeves, Collar, and the distressed denim
Sydney’s tastes are: Pockets, Single Breast, Drop Waist, Turtleneck, Stripes and Military Turtle Neck and Single Breast

Betty Visits Tastes
Betty the first visit tastes is a round neck peplum, vintage, sleeveless, scalloped hem and buttons, beading or Sleeveless, peplum, slit, vintage, buttons, round neck, beaded, scalloped hem in all 8

Emma Jane Visits Tastes
Emma Jane tastes are geometric, round neck, sheer, rolled sleeves and the ones with Bery marked lines on them

Emma Jane the first visit tastes are Round Neck, Sheer, Paneled, Geometric, Rolled Sleeves, and Boat Neck
Emma Jane 2nd visit tastes are asymmetrical, sleeveless, buckles, sheer, tribal
Emma Jane is cowl neck Rachael – pockets, cutout Morgan Woven
Emma Jane is Tribal, Slit Rachel- Cutout, pockets Morgan- Hooded Catherine- High Waist

Rachel Visits Tastes
Rachel 2nd visit tastes are are scalloped hem, floral, photo-real, short sleeves, thin straps, scalloped hem
Rachel’s tastes are: Cuffed, Short Sleeves, Empire Waist, Geometric, Collar and Bow Short sleeves and Empire Waist

Bella Visits Tastes
Bella the first visit tastes are Pleated, thick straps, sporty, denim and boat neck
Betty’s 2nd visit tastes are Beading, slit, buttons, peplum, vintage, sleeveless, lace and v neck Or they are beading, lace, sequin, and peplum.
Or they are mesh, sporty, heathered, hooded, 3/4 sleeves, halter neck, bandeau, rolled legs

Bella’s tastes in Fashion Star Boutique are sporty, denim, pleated, boat neck, thick straps, halter neck, heathered, hooded, and 3/4 sleeves
After she leaves they are Halterneck, Hooded, Sporty, Mesh, Heathered, 3/4 Sleeves, Rolled Legs.
Bella’s 2nd visit tastes are mesh, sporty, heathered, hooded, 3/4 sleeves, halter neck, bandeau, and rolled legs Or they are pleated, denim, sporty and boat neck sleeveless, rolled sleeves, and thick straps

To start making a collection on the studio is just simply swipe to the right so you end up on the front page then choose “Portfolio” at number 2 from the top afterward choose “Current Portfolio” Press “Archive” and just confirm
An asymmetrical item is a couple including Long tank dress, Short tank dress, Assymetrical halter dress etc

To match the trends ruffle is just use a drop waist ruffle dress, an empire waist ruffle dress, an open ruffle jacket, an empire waist ruffle jacket, a ruffle blouse and trench coat from the ruffle collection.

To make money quickly in this game, you can do the following instructions
Just go to your off the rack section of the store then do the short jobs over and over there while catching all of the bonus coins that fall out each time when doing the short jobs.
The bonus coins actually earn you more of a profit than the three minute jobs do by themselves.

Just set all of your racks to the longest jobs, such as the six hour jobs, then once they are stocked, tap out of the game and go to the time settings on your device, and set the time ahead by however long it takes the jobs to finish, or longer.
Then, go back to the game and collect your profits.
Afterward with all of your racks empty, set the time back to normal on your device, then go back to the game and start the long jobs again.
Keep doing that action in order to earn quick coins and experience points.

When filling custom orders, finding the customers secret taste is completely random
In this situation go with logical pairings of materials with whatever the item of clothing that the customers wants is.

For example, if you are designing a pair of skinny jeans, you can try to use denim or a single-colored print.
Remember not to use materials that have no real-life relevance to the item that you are designing.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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