Wad Reserve Cash Cheats for Fightback on iPhone

In fightback game, you will be tasked with the main objective that is to save your sister in any other way including to punch, kick, shoot and create combo attacks for the different combinations of incoming enemies through more than 90 levels across a neon-tinged nighttime city.

fightback game tips

So try to focus on the various foes that approach from the right and left.
Tap the button to punch and swipe trigger to kicks then of you do those action together, you can create brutal combo moves that deliver extra pop for the enemies that are form any other way.
While punching and kicking the foes, dodge and evade moves will be also available to practice in the combat session of this game

On the other side, you can also hit the gun icon, tap the enemies on the screen, then watch as they are blasted easily with your gun.
Firearm usage is limited by bullets, in that it can be purchased with in-game currency.

So all you have to do is merely tap and swipe to punch, kick, and combo your way through this rotten city using Fightback’s revolutionary gesture-based touchscreen controls.

This game will also facilitate you to customize your hero with some upgrades items such as with stat-boosting vests and tattoos, guns, and more items needed to protect your hero

Along your journey to find your sister kidnapped by wicked thugs you have to try harder to eliminate them from floor to floor in each skyscraper.
For such reasons, you will be helped by the big guns, dual pistols, pump-action shotguns, explosive bazookas and mini guns to eliminate the enemies along the game

Remember the higher you go to each floor, the tougher the thugs will meet and fight for having for some items and clues.
So just give them a punch, a kick, and even a deadly shot with guns then accomplish each mission on each floor to collect some rewards including cash that can be used to purchase powerful boosts and equipment upgrades.

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