Walkthrough Guides of Hero Fighter X Full Version iPhone

Hero Fighter can be included into a fighting action game which is made by Marti Wong
This game provides 22 hero characters each with special abilities and powerful moves.

hero fighter x walkthrough iphone android

In other words, Hero Fighter X is a kind of a stage-based arena fighter where you unlock tons of new characters by progressing through the game.

Seemingly, Hero Fighter X can be said as the latest installment in a series that predates Dynasty Warriors by a few years.

On the other side, Little Fighter, a DOS game from Marti Wong, can be categorized into a freeware fighting game where you can take control of one of a number of characters and get involved in fast-paced arena battles.

You will go through several different types of stages, in which some will be involving one-on-one or team vs. team fights online.

When battling with enemies, you can dash about them on foot or on horseback
To prepare your team, be sure to equip each character with weapon, skills, and stats

Sometimes, you will have to battle with enemies and to destroy their bases then you must also try protecting your own.

In this game, you will see that the bases are in opposite corners, with gold mines and camps scattered along the way for the teams to get.

These gold will be handy to recruit more soldiers to help you when invading enemy`s base.
When there are just two teams, it will be necessary to overwhelm the enemy before they can get to you
In the mean time, you can try spreading your troops around.

Try to bring enough of them to secure new points
And, try to leave some behind to guard against the other teams that might attack your own points.

Because the field is full of fodder enemies with scattered leader characters you will need to dash all over the battlefield to take care of things your own troops cannot quite pull off.

All your heroes can do a standard attack, defend, jump, and evade.
And, each one also has two or more special moves that chain together nicely.

Note that using special moves requires MP, which restores over time at a fairly speedy rate.
Do not spam your best attacks, try to sprinkle in your special moves without worrying too much about your MP.

On the other side, there are consumable buffs which you can use
And, you can get them through play and you can farm them in training stages if you find you really need them.
In addition, you can also share codes with friends to unlock more fighters to help you along the game

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