Walkthrough of Dragon Quest VI Realms of Revelation iPhone

In Dragon Quest 6 Realms of Revelation form Square Enix, you will take a role as a young hero, whose has a journey between the world of reality and the world of dreams pretty regularly

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Early on the game, you must learn the character class and abilities
Here, you will see characters mastering classic vocations such as Warrior and Priest
And, you will also see monstrous vocations such as Dragon and Liquid Metal Slime that allow them to learn a whole new set of skills

Later on, you will meet a bunch of companions along the way
You can see the full list of character classes such as Warrior, Martial Artist, Mage, Priest, Dancer, Thief, Monster Master, Merchant, Gadabout, Gladiator, Armamentalist, Paladin, Sage, Ranger, Luminary, Hero, Dragon and Liquid Metal Slime.

As said earlier, you will guide a young hero to go an adventure on the ocean floor
To go to the ocean floor, you can use the power of a magical musical instrument, the Lorelei’s Harp, so that your party ship can even explore the ocean floor

On the other side, you will be able to participate in a Best-Dressed Contest where your heroes can fight enemies with the most fearsome weapon at their fashion sense.
Anyway, this contest need monster collecting.

To party with the others, you can take the other heroes such as Carver, Milly, Ashlynn, Nevan and Terry that will join the party automatically
Also, you will see there is a man named Amos who might take some convincing.
And, if you have the chance to add him to your ranks, you should not let it slip

You can then raise job levels by completing a certain number of fights, and the best jobs require you to attain a particular level in multiple other jobs first.
At this point, every new level will bring new skills and techniques

This game delivers a blend of 3D backgrounds and 2D sprite characters and objects with the soundtrack in higher quality.

You will also be equipped with the massive list of skills that you can use in battle, especially when fighting against bosses as certain bosses will get you to make the absolute most of them.

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