Walkthrough Tips Tricks of Pixel Dungeon iPhone

Pixel Dungeon is made by Oleg Dolya, or Watabou, in which this game has presented a super simplistic modern roguelike with a combination of interesting mechanics

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Early on the game, you are allowed to pick between three classes, namely Warrior, Mage, and Rogue, then you will be able to unlock a fourth class named Huntress

Later on, you will have to find the Amulet of Yendor within the secret, labyrinthine structures under the city
At this point, you can start with a sewer fighting rats, gnolls, and wraiths, before entering a secret, abandoned prison, an ancient dwarven metropolis, and so on.

Along the game, you will see everything is in tile or grid form with 25 levels in total, with a boss every 5 levels before you enter a new zone.
Every floor will come along with a signpost and a helpful tip
You will take one or more turn phase for every movement and every item usage

Also, you will tap on tiles, items and enemies to move and interact.
At this point, you will be served with a wait button

Then, you can also search a three by three grid around you to find traps and hidden doors
In the mean time, you can try to use the examine function to see a detailed description of every single tile type.

Meanwhile, you can also hotkey things such as potions and wands in which wands can be equipped as a physical weapon by mages
At the same time, anyone can use their spells, which are targeted and you can also drop or throw any item.

For further step, you will be able to be super OCD and meticulous, you will have to search every time you take a step to avoid traps and things in similar.

Except stairs, you can sometimes find and jump down chasms as a gate to go to the next level.
When roaming to the next level, you will sometimes land in a room with a chest and a key
During in the mission, you will need to eat every so often, or you will hemorrhage hit points
For such reasons, you must find new food items very quickly.

In your mission, you will find tall grass that blocks your view, but can hide seeds, health restoring dew drops, or even sometimes items.
you can use seeds to grow trap-like plants or brew potions.

Moreover, you can also loot piles of dead bones, which will either explode into coins, or into a wraith, that is hard to hit with physical attacks.
According to this, all the grave stones will unleash wraiths
And, you can use a basic offensive wand spell zaps as well.

Every time you explore new stage, you must re identify your items such as potions, weapons, armor, and scrolls
You can identify them by experimentation, or with scrolls of identify.
Sometimes, identifying with experimentation generally have negative effects as well, such as an inconvenient case of bursting into flame whereby this will kill you if you are not near a puddle of water
Therefore, you should take some precautions before you test new items.

If you can identify everything fast, you can manage higher difficulty floors.
At this phase, try not to equip unidentified weapons, armor, or trinkets since they can be cursed, and you might be unable to swap it out until you find a scroll that cleanses the curse there.
Also, you will need a certain level of strength to use each weapon effectively
Be sure to upgrade a weapon to make it stronger and lower its strength requirement.

Managing your hands on a good high level weapon with marginally better armor will really give you an advantage that you will need for later mission

You can try to have a mystery wand as a warrior
When you encounter a wraith, even though you are in low health, you can try zapping it with the wand of teleport.
If you can do so well, you will see the wraith end up in another part of the same floor.
You can keep zapping it over and over again to find the exit.

After progressing through some levels, you will your own strategy to what class you are playing
If you play with the warrior, he regains some health whenever he eats
His items are better with missile weapons like darts and javelins, and he must have potions of strength identified from the start.

If you play with mages, they will have scrolls of identity identified from the start and they will regain wand charges whenever they eat.

For you to know that, every class in this game will have a choice between two sub-classes after you can beat the second boss.

You must learn various enchantments on armor, weapons and potion
In addition, if you find the exit but you do not complete to explore a floor, just follow an arrow in your character portrait to point at the exit.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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