Weapon Combo Codes Cheats Sushi Hero iPhone

In sushi hero game, you will have just to charge through 20 exciting, unique worlds chopping up flying fish to make sushi for a ravenous crew of alien invaders

Sushi Hero

And you can control a sushi chef running endlessly along a corridor of sea critters that he must slice and dice.
So try to give maki and nigiri in order to get them satisfied and explore new worlds and sharpen up your knives to chop those fishes.
You simply need to chop the right kinds of fish in each level in order to complete scaling objectives quickly

Note that you have to avoid poisonous puffers, spiky sea urchins, and electric eels which will cause you damage, so they need to be attacked or avoided.

Juts collect combo bonuses from the schools of fish flying in your path.
You can also grab wasabi power-ups if your arms are tired because of slicing and dicing those fishes

You can dash through 20 levels stylized to resemble different environments and hack their way through eight different kinds of aquatic delicacies, including crabs and blowfish.

Try to slice up the sea urchins and puffers before they get you then stay out of the way of the shocking electric eels.
Collecting and using wasabi will activate a speed power-up to help chain chopping and rack up combos.
You have to string together successive chops, building up a combo meter, and targeting specific types of fish in order to meet your quota.
Empowering wasabi power-up will grant you a temporary scorch-everything flame ability as well.

The key to have a good sushi is sourcing fresh ingredients then balancing them to perfection.
So just tap the left of the screen to jump and the right to attack assorted types of fish bounce the other way.

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