How to Get More Coins Western 1849 iPhone

When playing western 1849 game, you play as as the new sheriff in town, in which gold had just been discovered in the sleepy town of Sunset Bluff California so that you will have the main duty that is to drive the bandits away from the town and to keep the peace for as long as you possibly can.

western 1849 tips

It is the time to draw your weapons and clear Sunset Bluff out of the bandits.
Before going to gun battle, make sure to upgrade your firepower first
In line with this, you can either buy a new primary or secondary gun.

Make sure you must buy Grandpas Gun, which is cheap and has far more firepower than the Rubbish Gun. After that, you can go to the weapon shack and upgrade your secondary gun in order to increase its firepower, that is more accurate and clip.

When getting involved in the gun battle, you have to stay behind cover as much as possible, especially when there is a large number of bandits on the screen.

During behind your cover, you can not be shot, so poke out real quick, shoot a minute or two, then drive back behind cover again.
Later on, when you need to change directions, you should look in the other direction as quickly as possible before driving back behind cover.

When you are getting back on the main menu screen, hit the trophy button in the upper left corner of the screen to check out your achievements.
Each time that you have completed an achievement, you will be able to claim the prize that is in form of gold coins.

You will collect all coins through some missions, so complete achievements as quickly as possible then purchase more firepower to help you in defeating those villains.

Sometimes, you will play the same stages over and over again, so remember where enemies show each time you play.
Even on tougher versions of the same stage, the enemies will usually pop up in the same places.

The primary goal of this game is to survive as many days as you can while the enemies get disappeared in the town.
For such reasons, playing in Rage mode is key for survival whereby this mode instantaneously increases the pace of the game while making you invincible.

According to this, in order to enter rage mode, you have to quickly eliminate enemies while filling up the rage meter.
Once being in rage mode, be sure to keep quickly shooting enemies till the required amount of time

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