How to Refill Energy Fast in Where`s My Water 2 iPhone

In where`s my water 2 game, you can increase your energy meter by asking it from your friends
Here, you can test your skill to solve a series of puzzles where you activate switches, eliminate hazards and get water to your hero and his friends, while collecting ducks across every stage.

wheres my water 2 tips

Throughout the game, you need energy through a charge meter indicated in the corner.
Your first refill is free for signing up, then they come easily with friend requests.

If it gets empties, just keep playing while asking your friends through Facebook for help.
Besides, you can wait 15 or more for regenerating your energy, in which you will only get enough energy for one stage.

You do not need water to reach the alligator, and you simply fill the pipe and satisfy its needs.
In some levels, you just need to dig your route from the bottom and work your way up.

Level 3 Split Second Decision will teach you to spare a little water to collect the duck near a pit, while sending the rest towards the pipe.
Thus a little spillage will go a long way while collecting every duck at a time.

When getting to Level 4 Floodgate, you need to avoid the ducks in any other way.
For such reasons, you must plan a route so that water will not splash the duck in the upper right corner

On the other side, you have to avoid water spilling over the side, where another duck is waiting for it.
Dig a path on both the right side and the left to the other transport gate in order water to get reached both sides.

From there, dig a dual path at the top to get the first transport gate opened for the water streams.
Doing so will make water pour into the waiting pipe, without touching any ducks.

Unlocking ducks and completing challenges will be the main reason to play this game.
Furthermore, you will struggle to earn special themed ducks, like an astronaut, a gladiator and more.

And with the new Duck Rush stages, you need to keep digging to prevent the water from reaching the top, where it falls out of view
Thus, just dig as wide a path as possible then divide it up to collect the six scattered ducks.

You can also find collectibles throughout the 100+ level world, including special ducks – like the gladiator and astronaut or other goodies.
There is also little knick-knacks, including a flamingo and a garden gnome that you can collect as well.

The Vacuum power ups functions to attract water to ducks, among others.
The Dropper one is already filled up most ducks with water so they only require one drop to be picked up
And the Absorber will make ducks immune to toxic liquids for one turn.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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