How to Beat Boss in Battle Bears Royale iPhone

In battle bears game, just use Oliver equipped with your bazooka as your secondary, and then having explosives +2 and ammo +2 in both equipment slots. Always predict your enemy movements if they walk into a round.

Battle Bears Royale Walkthrough

Use riggs and putting damage +2 in both equipment slots, and the healing tent in your special slot, then use electric honey and hive league.
If you so this, Remember when you are at below 2/3 health just heal him right away.
By doing so you will be able to get ridiculous scores like 20:0 or better, and will get a ton of money from kill streak bonuses.

Try to play like a boss like Oliver,riggs, demo if you like to go fast use huggable with speed+2 in both slots.
Just use oliver and riggs to work out the best.
Get the urine trouble for primary
Get the tnt launcher for your secondary
Get the best melee if you can
Get the healing tent for special and a ammo+2, explosion+2.

Try to use riggs equipped with zombee gun, buzzkill, huggable gloves, cloaking for special, armor +1 or +2 then electric honey and buzz kill and iron curtain for special.

Cloak and move near to your enemy and suddenly use your melee,or go near them and use your zombee gun wildly.
Try to use oliver then try to attack riggs, tillman, astoria with your urine trouble and avoid huggables and wil.
If you are in emergency like riggs is punching you with those gloves,use your tnt launcher and fire rapidly around the enemies.

Remember not to waste your ammo for the urine trouble and when it reloads do not use your melee or switch weapons
Try to use huggable with armor+1 or two and cloaking so fly then tough love.
Try to use Oliver equipped with a salt rifle and Bazooka and any Meele or special or equipment then soaker and tnt.
Remember to always do these actions during using oliver

When you are in trouble just shoot with tnt near your feet but watch them to explode.
Sneak up on your enemy and use fire soaker rapidly if you are being chased by huggable and turn to the huggable and fire 3 tnts.
And if you have low health just use a healing tent or to sneak up on people then use cloaking or blend in with flawless disguise in order to get at least 30000 joules.

Just go gun blazing with oliver and always use healing as well
Try to use demo armor cloaking phat man and light matter hope they help

To use astoria just go to a high place or follow your teammates then use viper rifle and get head shots every time you play her.
Having through the wall using huggable is use mini me and go to edges when the mini me is times up you will be automatically glitched through the wall.
In order to get really high in the air is to find a jump platform on the battlefield map on the crashed planes

Reade these steps to unlock sniper fast in this game
Play as every class
Prove who you are the most good at then start playing as him to unlock sniper
Get sniper by using huggable , demo and soldier.
After getting snipers do the following actions
Get capital pains
Save for day dream
Theirs a new update.
Get will as well.

The best sniper for astoria
Viper rifle period fastest lock time
The Mamba’s Boy because it has a faster rate of fire for close and far situations

The best class in this game
The soldier is a little bit of everything
He is fast and has good guns
He is not too weak and has strong melee and lots of health

Huggable is fast but not really anything else.
He does have some pretty good weapons though.
He is also hard to use Demo has really powerful weapons
He ends up killing himself alot.
Most of his weapons are like bazookas with big explosions Sniper, fast-ish weak but great guns and snipers Scout.

Always save up your gas cans and never spend them anything
Go to the other base
When a guy respawns kill him over and over

To level up fast in this game, you can follow these steps
Just have a good at kill a lot of people
Remember the more you kill the better you will level up.
Just do spawn kills against a low level

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