Golds Cheats in Dog Sweetie iPhone

In dog sweetie game, all you will do is to go out on the street and wait for a dog with less clothing or less charm than your dog to walk by, then tap it an enter into vs mode.
Here, you are able to win that battle mode with other player as yours is more charming and having the finest clothes.

Dog Sweetie Cheats

You can also use to find dogs to add as friends to battle.
Instead of hitting the vs button, simply hit the visit button, and then hit the add button on the left hand side of the screen to add therm.
Once you add people, you can load up on coins and experience by visiting their houses, playing with the dogs and collecting from furniture.

Start doing all of the beginning clothing quests such as the blue hat, the cool glasses and the red shoes.
Try to get free gold from the quest rewards everytime you play this game daliy
Make charm the dogs than most of the dogs that you see out on the street.

You can breed dogs including various species such as pinscher, cocker, greattdane, Chihuahua, frenchie, beagle, boxer, spaniel, toypoodle, husky, sherperd, Labrador, yorkie, pug, pomerian and more.

Always dogs with food and water then give a bath, and touch it to make them charm and happy to get their mood full.
Train your dog to learn dozens of tricks in order to get more value and experience to battle with the other players.

Dress your lovely dog to make it look even cuter so that it will look like charm everytime you take them on the street.k. Decorate your house with various furniture.

Try to have contest with other players dogs.
Try to interaction with other players dogs to improve relationship.
Catch insects then take a walk on the street with them and take them to travel around the world

In order to get more rewards in this game, just follow these steps
Always give food and water to your dog until its food and drink meters are full
Always clean it until its clean meter is full
Always pet it until its mood meter is full
Do all those steps anytime when logging back to the game.

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