Maps Coins Cheats in Wind up Knight 2 iPhone

Wind up Knight 2 is auto-running platformer game, where you play as a robotic knight with a wind-up key on its back trying to make it through levels, completing quests, beating enemies and gathering all of the coins along the way

wind up knight 2 guides

Your adventure will start with a stage, that you have to finish it to earn bonus coins.
Moreover, you will be able to earn bonus coins by completing a level without any checkpoint restarts.

Besides, even if you do not meet any side qualifications, you can still earn coins just by beating old levels that you have known well.
So try to complete one quest at a time, rather than trying to finish them all at once.

Throughout the game, you will have to keep your shield up at almost all times until you can meet incoming enemies standing on your way.
At the same time, you can still jump as much as you want with the shield.

Anyway, playing in the tournament stage with certain score milestones will give you a chance of getting new equipment for free.

Before doing that action, try to get as much playing experience as you can in the standard stages, as each tournament stage you are playing will require one ticket.
On the other side, if you run out of tickets you have to buy them for more using coins.

Furthermore, you can earn free coins by going to the coins store and checking out the offers that are given by the developer.
Select one of the available videos and watch the video till end to earn free coins.

In any other way, you can also earn free coins in the same menu by liking the game on Facebook, following on Twitter or giving it a +1 in Google+.
After collecting enough coins, you have to save up your coins and look through the equipment store to purchase some items you need to help you complete quests.

In order to get some more crests and open up a locked gate, you can now start doing the side quests on the easiest stages first
Once accomplishing them, you can move up to the harder stages that also assign you to complete those quests as the previous ones.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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