Windmill Coins Gems Cheats in Mini Golf MatchUp on iPhone

In mini golf matchup game, you can get free coins through special new user promo code that you can use to unlock new premium courses
Also, you must try to win the competition between you and your friends to put the highest score so that it will give your more coins and gems as a reward bonus

mini golf

You can also earn more gems by scoring a hole-in-one nets
In addition collecting more gems will give you a chance of boosting your score into the highest one among others

When playing this game two players joining from Twitter or Facebook friends will compete across three rounds of mini golf to raise the most points score.
On the other word this game will give players the ability to challenge their friends or random online opponents.

By connecting this game with friends from Facebook, Twitter or SMS you can have fun of competing among other players around the world and also supported chat with buddies via in-game messaging
So do overs to help you make par

You will learn this game through 5 fun courses with conquering over 70 holes including overall which feature jumps, pipes, windmills, water hazards, slopes, loops, popping obstacles, and all kinds of gems.
In order to play in more holes you have to complete side missions so that you will get stars to unlock the rest of holes

User-friendly touch controls will give you flexibility to perfectly line up a shot by pulling back on the ball while adjusting the angle and power first before shooting the ball.
Meanwhile a smooth control scheme with simple drag will release to launch your ball through the whole course, and off of walls.

Try scoring a hole-in-one nets to receive a large number of points as a reward
Moreover you can also pick up as many gems as possible for bonuses by doing so.
So perform your ability to just hit the pin to reach the cup on a given hole.

When playing mini game try considering the speed at which you can locate random opponents to courses featuring pyramids, windmills and other hazards that make you rethink particular turns.

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