Diamond Cheats Wonderland Carnage iPhone

In wonderland carnage game, you can try to shoot faeries and bunnies and gnomes and other cute creatures
And, just create as much carnage as possible with armed of all sorts of weapons such as guns, bows + arrows, swords and ninja stars.

Wonderland Carnage

Remember when hunting in the forest you will run the population of the forest or your other hunting grounds down each time.
So your population will have to be regenerated during the hunting process

In order get more population except having to wait for it to regenerate all you have to do is just following these instructions carefully
Go to the time settings on phone device
Just set the time ahead next to few hours or more
Go back to the game and on the main menu
Just tap on the hunting ground and it will show the extra population that is now there
Now, go back to the time settings again
Just set the time back to normal
Go back to the game, and the extra population will still be there
Just shoot them to get more points
Do those tricks if you want more population come quickly

Especially for accuracy ratings try to shoot the closest creatures and the most creatures stand at first.
There will be no time limitation in this game so ignore the bouncing bunnies and the floating ferries whose lower halves appear on the very front of the screen.

You can try to aim for a head shot anytime when hunting them as a head shot usually kills the creatures with just one single shot.
When shooting for coins and diamonds only try to ignore accuracy then simply try to shoot as many creatures as possible in the shortest amount of time.

By doing so your level will be up faster, so kill them more sooner, and get more coins and diamonds each time you need them for anything needed to accomplish the mission.

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