Gold Cheats World Soccer Striker on iPhone

In world soccer striker game, you must try making a bunch of goals to win each match for having extra gold along the way
This game is a goofy arcade-style soccer game four game modes to select

world soccer striker tips

Here, you must win matches of two dimensional, one on one soccer against other teams and their players
You can also do solely that will be going from team to team to rack up win after win so that you will earn gold that you can use to buy upgrades in order to maximize your chances of winning.

To make some goals, you must use every trick at your disposal in the pursuit of scoring more goals and of stopping the opposing player from scoring.
You can use the dash move as the most useful maneuver in the game, that you can do by pushing the forward or backward button quickly, two times in a row.
Doing so will allow you to dash behind or in front of the ball, rather than just dribble the ball when you run.

On the other side, you can use more tricks and just all around sound moves in which you can stand on the ball and then hit kick to send it flying at extreme speed.
Dribble the ball by running towards it.

In the mean time, you can use your head for a softer hit into the goal and use your kicks for a harder hit as well as using carom shots and kicking the ball off of space above the goal then using your head to knock it in.
In the way of making some goals, you can use their own body to push the ball into the goal if the ball ends up behind your rival.

You simply push and push and push and let the ball roll behind them.
Let the ball get momentum, then start kicking them to prevent them from dashing backwards to get behind the ball.

Along the game, your opponents will also have a different power shot, in that each is with varying degrees of usefulness.
To block the other team’s power shot, you have to be in front of the ball at any point before it hits the goal, so that it hits you instead.

This space will be different depending on what attack is used, whereby your rivals will also use their power move
Because of this, just pay attention to figure out where you should stand.

In addition, you should purchase all kinds of power ups and upgrades when the costume upgrades flash on the screen so that you can get a better shot at winning.

These enable you to gain extra statistics and change the appearance of your team.
And, if you have more expensive costume, you will get better boost that you will get from it.

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