Credits Cheats WWE SuperCard on iPhone

This game, wwe supercard is from 2k in that it is a brand new card collecting game where you will be able to get more cards and win as many matches as possible then create that ultimate deck then fight for the champion

wwe supercard guides

In order to get more cards, all you have to do is to keep playing this game regularly
Along the game, no matter if you win or lose, you will still get a card and more cards as these cards will be the way to keep winning in each match.

So play game after game and try to win as many fights out there to quickly fill your card books and train and become the better player among others.

When going to the match, just select your fights wisely
Whenever you start a fight, look at the stat of wins and losses of your rival.
A player with more losses than wins indicates weakness.

Meanwhile, new players with 0/0 stats are also a good option because they usually do not know all the basics of the game, especially when it comes to the Tag Team fights.

In each of the fights, you will merely need one skill to beat your opponent, so having boost cards can increase all the skills available offers you a big advantage.

Note that you can only use one boost per fight, so make sure when you use it you make it count.
In line with this the boost cards are not consumables, so you must only find the perfect ones to take with you
On the other side, always have cards that are compatible in your hand for the tag team, or at least of the same symbol.
If your cards are compatible indicated by the triangles create a perfect symbol, you will get a 10% skill bonus.

And if they are the same symbol, you will not get anything
But, if they are incompatible or triangles mix you will lose 5% of the skills.

Whenever you get two cards of the same type, you should combine them to get some extra skills on your basic card.
Then, you have to start training your cards.
Make sure to train your medium cards as it will increase your chances of winning at first and as you work your way up with better and rarer cards
At this point, you can start using rarer cards to level up the existing ones.

In addition, The King of the Ring is an auto game mode that rewards you with extra cards.
This mode will offers the PvP matching that is based on the strength of your deck

For such reasons, all you have to do is to start the game with the worst possible deck to reduce strength.
And as soon as the tournament starts, just swap the cards with your best ones so that you can win the match with ease

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