Coins Cheats X-Men Battle of the Atom iPhone

In x-men battle of the atom game, you will need to select your Squad Leader where you can choose from Wolverine, Iceman, Storm, Rachel Gray, Beast, and Kitty Pryde.

x-men battle of the atom tips

Furthermore, you can then go through multiple heroes’ quests, collect cards and power up your team, and evolve your cards to be stronger mutants.

On the other words, you will have to accomplish missions where you can either attack using your mission leader, or summon one or all of the five characters on the list at the bottom of the screen to attack.
So all you will do is to battle all of the enemies in your way using your battle cards until the mission is completed successfully.

Moreover, by completing mission, you will be able to build your crew and make it stronger and you can earn experience points and money.
On the other side, you can earn lots of new characters just by completing missions, or by taking your recruit points and spending them on new recruits.

In order to continue playing missions, you have plenty of Stamina because without stamina, you must wait for it to recharge before attempting to play again.
For such reasons, you can then add points to either Max Stamina or Max Squad Cost.

Meanwhile, you can use all of the skill points that you earned from completing missions and leveling up to improve your stamina.

It is caused by improving your stamina will give you a chance to complete more missions, so that you will earn more experience points
And, every time that you gain and experience level, your stamina will be refilled entirely.

Recruiting will help you grow your X-Men crew with better cards for your arsenal.
To recruit, go to the “Cerebro” section of the main menu then select options there.

The Basic Recruiting option allows you to recruit X-Men characters for free so that you can choose this in order to get a pack of new cards to use later on.

When opening a new card pack, you can swipe through and view the cards you just received to see what you have acquired at that time.

When you are finished selecting cards, simply transfuse them then see the experience of the card to be much more powerful.

Thus, always transfuse and evolve the cards you have with the correct ones as each evolution increases rarity of a character by one point.

To transfuse characters, tap on one of the boxes with the ‘[+]’ button and then select all of the cards you want to transfuse with the main card whereby these cards will all be used to level up the card that you are transfusing them with the other ones.

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