Gem Gold Coins Cheats Yumby Smash iPhone

In yumby smash game, all you will do is to smash through objects with cute creatures called Yumbys.
Then, you have to destroy all the parts that will be used to build it or all of your Yumby friends will starve.

Yumby Smash

So simply explore the enchanted world with yumbies and smash everything to help the other yumbies
Just fling yumby to rocket through 90 diabolically fun stage levels filled with monsters and traps
You can do the trick like flinging your Yumby up, down, left and right even while still in mid-air.

Use your special powers to blast through blocks and defeat enemies.
Create your own levels and play them with friends

Build powerful yumbies with magical abilities
You can activate the power-ups such as the bombs and force fields via awkward multi-touch gestures.

Always remember to recharge your energy when activating those power-ups
Try to control your Yumby by dragging your finger in the direction you want it to fly.

Earn more points and upgrade your Yumby by collecting gold coins and smashing through as many blocks as possible.
You can select among six yumbies available but you will start playing this game with Daze or Jozet in that they are powerful enough to smash through the first few levels, until you earn enough coins to unlock the other yumbies.

After having enough money you can unlock new Yumbies and upgrade their stats as well as build whole new levels and share them online.
Gold coins can also be used to purchase more power-ups to help you defeat enemies in this game.

Your Yumby will keep flying through obstacles until it runs out of energy.
Your yumby energy will be drained with each flight or when it bumps into spikes or evil creatures.

You can recharge your Yumby energy with the power-ups you have just bought so you yumby can continue smashing for longer.
After collecting more coins you can continue to buy more power-ups such as shields, magnets, hammers, and bombs.

Shields will give full protection for your yumby
Magnets will attract gold coins
Hammers will make your attacks more powerful
Bombs can be exploded to smash through the things nearby.
So try to have all those power ups to reach more level in this game

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