AiRace Speed Will Go to iOS

Before airace speed is going to ios, this game has come to 3ds first
This game is a really unique racing game, where allow you to be pitted against the thoughest opponent through stunning high speed tracks.

airace speed walkthrough

Here, you can take the challenge as pilot with the most advanced and powerful jets then you will compete to beat your best time.

You will race on stunning high-speed tracks with some extremely difficult tunnels, spectacular halls and hidden shortcuts, and it will include all the extra levels from AiRace Xeno.

If yo see the gameplay experience, it is going to be as smooth and engaging as it is on Nintendo’s portable console.
Early on, you will have to choose one between a few different futuristic vehicles and race on several different circuits.

On the other side, this game is different from many other racing games that you will be alone on going through some tracks, as well as trying to get the best time possible while avoiding obstacles and more.

You will also present online leaderboards that gives you the gameplay experience an edge and gives you an incentive to keep improving your times.
This game has yet to receive a release date but apparently it will be released next month. So keep updated for all the latest news.

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