Battlestation Harbinger as A Sci Fi Adventure Game Goes to iOS

This week, the apple store will get a new guest that is space strategy game called Battlestation: Harbinger from bugyte in that this game can be said as a mix of turn-based star map strategy and real-time space battles game that you can play on ios and android platforms.

battlestation harbinger walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be brought to command of a space ship in this epic sci-fi space adventure game
Besides, this game has a new story, and a fresh experience every time, driven by modern roguelike gameplay.

This game also adds the features that will give you many strategic options and a significant depth to explore and experience the intense atmosphere of adventuring deep into the space and trying to rescue the human race.

This game will also comes along with control options such as red slots for big cannons, blue slots for small point defense cannons and facilities then green round slots for hangar bays.

It also brings a new upgrade system, where you can upgrade specific attributes of a turret, hangar bay or other facility.

Later on, you will also be tasked to complete some missions such as escort friendly ships to safety, destroy enemy ships, clear out sectors and so on.

To play this game comfortably, you will also the star map screen, where you can use to travel to new sectors.

You can also rely on the mini map to the right that shows what your scanners reveal from the sectors. There, the bigger the red triangles are, the bigger enemy ships will be there

Also, you can select the section within a sector to jump into, that will give you more strategical choices in your attack approach.

When battling with enemies, you can change the formation of your fleet, move them individually, target all of your fleets cannons on a certain ship, then command your fighter squadrons to attack wave of enemies on the sky.

So, if you are curious this game and want to play it on your phone, be sure to stay tuned on this page to get review or even walkthrough of this game

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