Fighters of Fate as A Unique Card Battler Game Goes to iOS Soon

If you like playing card game or any game in common, you may know card battler game
These card battler games seems to be pretty popular on iOS devices

fighters of fate walkthrough ios android

Although those card battler game has similar game play but they are not all that different from one another

Anyway, if you search for something really unique, you will see the game in similar called as Fighters of Fate which will be launched on the App Store later this year.

This new card battler game, Fighters of Fate is being developed by Pincer Games Studios.
In this game, you will have to use a variety of cards to damage and beat opponents.

Here, all cards will come with three different colors, namely Red, Green and Blue
And, every color is more effective against another in a sort of rock-paper-scissors system.

Besides, each card also has its special ability, where you can use it to fight more strategically toward enemies in the battlefield.

Because you do not know your rival`s deck build, you have to predict the futures move of your rival to master first chance.
In other words, anticipating the opponent’s moves will be incredibly important when fighting against your opponents online.

In addition, Fighters of Fate seems to be one of the more unique card battler games that you can play mainly on ios devices
In the way of progressing Fighters of Fate to the apple store, this game will be launched later this year there
So, just stay tuned on this page to get the recent updates of this game

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