Jetpack Joust The Combination Endless Ascent Games with Joust Will Go to iPhone

Jetpack Joust made by Rondo Rocket Games can be categorized into a new endless arcade game classics that will be launched soon on the App Store
In this game, you will get to master flying jousting in order to do good in it.

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In other words, you will be flying upward endlessly and attack other opponents with your sticks.
You can also land on the opponents’ heads and get some coins that can be used to do a variety of things.

It is combining the basic mechanics of Joust, where you have a lance and must run into your rivals while having your lance be higher than theirs.
Or, you can just bop them on the head, whichever works.

If enemies hurt you, it costs you precious fuel, whereby you need to keep ascending to get more fuel.
Moreover, you need to keep from being overwhelmed by enemies by not taking care of them as you come across them.

Always be careful not to get hit, as you will lose fuel everytime an attack lands.
If all fuel has been lost, it is game over.

Seemingly, this game will be a rather straightforward game offering a simple yet fun gameplay experience and a retro-inspired gameplay experience.
You will spend hours of fun to fly with your jetpacks and defeat opponents using only your virtual sticks.

In addition, this game will soon be coming on the App Store soon.
Anyway, a final release date and the price have to be confirmed yet

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