Moonrise RPG Pokemon Clone Features New Updates

Moonrise is a 3D monster-collecting RPG from Undead Labs and publisher Kabam that will come with enough new features to be able to stand on
It is not just another Pokémon game but it will try to appeal to Pokémon fans with some monster collecting, trading and battling in one pack.

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You will be served with the most interesting features like the online mode, which will allow you to play online with other players all over the world.
It includes a large 3D world, deep, real-time strategic combat, full character and creature customization, and real-time online play with your friends.

This game will be coming with a large 3D world filled with stuff to do like locations to explore, enemies to battle and defeat, monsters to collect and much more and the game’s battle system promises to be a highly involving one with some real deep strategic elements.

On the other side, it seems this game has all the right ingredients for a compelling online fantasy RPG which allows you to play as an adventurer who travels across a magical world to become a master Warden.

At this point, you will be allowed to build up a team of creatures known as Solari that do battle for you and there are hundreds of Solari that you can collect and evolve into more dangerous forms.

In line with this, Solari are the centre of the story, as it is these peaceful creatures that turn into the monstrous Lunari during a Moonrise that is a periodic eclipse of the sun by the rogue moon.

You will be objected to cleanse the Lunari of corruption so that they stop attacking humans.
You will also take on other Wardens in online combat.

As you know, this game will come up an open beta this autumn on iOS and Android, with a worldwide release in early 2015 and you can visit its website for the detail information of this game.

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