New Mikey Boots is Mikey Hook Sequel

Beavertap Games has recently announced that the third game that is called Mikey Boots, and it will be coming to iphone and android soon.

mikey boots walkthrough iphone

This game is the combination of the jumping of Mikey Shorts, and the grapple-hook swinging of Mikey Hooks, with new rocket-powered jet boots that will allow get your hooks in

On the other side, this is much-loved loved pixel art which assign you to try running, jumping, and swinging around.

There will also be a half dozen unique environments across 42 levels, two playable characters, 230 different disguise combinations, achievements, MFi controller support, and Game Center.

On the other words, this new game is an autorunner cave-flyer sort of affair.
Furthermore, all you will have to do in this game is to hold the left side of the screen to rise left, the right side of the screen to rise right, and let go to drop. Anyway, speed runs are important and you will find loads of competition in Game Center.

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