Partyrs Puzzle Game is New Debut from Shelly Alon

The light-hearted puzzle game, partyrs will assign you with creating the best parties ever in which you can also hold a good party and ensure everyone is having a good time.
This game will allow you to make a party where all those attending a party will be at the right place in the right moment.

Partyrs Puzzle Game Review Walktrough

This game is just like that except it features such as party animals, slick monsters, drunk giraffes, music-loving aliens, and the odd human or two.
It also takes place across outer space, the woods, as well as in a house.

Each party member will tell you what they want through a thought bubble.
A guy might want to be next to the cat, or perhaps an alien fancies playing the guitar.

This means leading thirsty people to drinks, hungry people to snacks and everything related to a party.
Later on, you guide thirsty people to the beer in the left corner, then usually to the snacks in the top left.
Meanwhile, you have to work hard to keep the two girls after the same guy away from each other.

However, you will play with animals and all sort of weird creatures, that will increase a really humorous aspect to the whole game.

In order to make each animal and creature be where they want to be, you will have to rearrange them on a grid by sliding.

Moving one creature means moving others as well, so you have to think hard about the best way to make everyone happy in this game.
And, finding the right positions for each of them is the challenge along the game.

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