An Adventurous Puzzle Game Super Glyph Quest Goes to iPhone

Super Glyph Quest is a role playing game filled with match-3 inspired puzzles coming with more glyphs, quests, spells, customizations, and a longer story.

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And it will obviously be much bigger than before, with new glyphs, Primal and Metal, that will allow you to cast a lot of new spells when combined with the original Glyphs, Fire, Earth, Water, Air , Light and Dark spell in that the game itself will come to feature over 70 magic spells.

This game will also feature more quests, monsters, crafting and more.
Character customization will also be in, that will make the game feel more like a role playing game than the previous sequel.

However, this new game has yet to announce a release date at the moment.
The team of this game has only confirmed that the game is indeed in progress.
If you have watched the trailer, you can see for yourself the brand new features that will be included in this really unique game.

Again, this game will be better and bursting with adventure where you can combine elements casting powerful spells to defeat more adorable monsters along the way.
With match 3 influenced gameplay and layers of tactical play, this game is fun and addictive along with all new map locations and all new story interactions.

Here, you will be able to customize your character with new powers and abilities.
you can also do crafting that will make new awesome gear out of all those pelts and icky stuff.

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