City Construction Game 1849 Nevada Silver Goes to iPhone

SomaSim has come to an upcoming expansion for its building game called 1849: Nevada Silver, which is simulator game about the gold rush and city building in California as the Silver State

1849 gold california walkthrough ios android

This game is a refreshing experience, with a streamlined gameplay experience that makes it perfect for the mobile environment.

You will take a control as mayor of several developing cities across the Golden State.
One town at a time, from small hunting and mining camps to larger, in which you may find some industrialized cities or rural suburbs that are tucked away in the valleys of wine country
For such reason, it is the time to help your citizens thrive off what the land has to offer.

All you can do in this game is simple such as building homes, businesses, farms, and mines, as well as trading with nearby settlements for resources.

Later on, you will be brought in ten years after the Californian Gold Rush in Comstock Lode.
You will be able to explore through six Northern Nevada towns where you will try to become rich by expanding your city, gathering silver and trading with nearby towns.

SomaSim here is trying to present the original gameplay by using more complex scenarios and challenges for its city building.

On the other side, this game will tell you a story of some small ways in which technology has moved forward, and it will be possible to use some of the commodities powered by these new technological discoveries like mills and trains, powered by the power of steam to add a new level of difficulty and overall depth to the game.

With that technology, you will be able to work to create a steady flow of mined silver in order to earn enough money to support and expand your operations into nearby towns.

In addition, mining ore from the Comstock Lode will be much more advanced than panning for gold.
The new expansion in this game will add trains, steam-powered mills, and a new trading system to help you through your endeavors, along with six new scenarios and plenty of new buildings and resources to go along with them.

This game will be ready to an in-app purchase or DLC, with price at $1.99 on iPad and Android tablets that you can taste in mid of this month

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