Comedy Game 60 Seconds Goes to iOS Android

A game called 60 seconds fromRobot Gentleman will take you to struggle to survive an impending nuclear war by gathering everything they might need in only 60 seconds.

comedy game 60 seconds walkthrough on ios android

Here, you will play as “Ted” with your hard working family who has been caught in the middle of nuclear war and the government has given an early warning system that gives Ted to take cover on his fallout bomb shelter in 60 seconds.

Now you will have 60 second to get everything that you can in your sight like family, food, and other supplies before going down to his fallout bomb shelter.

During the game when you when you are in the shelter, you will still have to survive on how to control your supplies and survive upon the attack of the infestation of mutant cockroaches.
You will not control a fully armed super soldier throughout the game.

Gathering the items in 60 seconds is only the beginning, as you will have to manage the limited resources as well as deal with any potential danger inside the shelter.

There is no more details are currently available on the game, but the game’s overall tone will not be all that serious, as seen in the only promotional picture.

Recently, the team is still planning to launch it in a 2014 or 2015 release date.
So just stay tuned for all the latest updates and keep updated on the game as soon as more becomes available on smartphone.

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