Skylanders Trap Team Features NFC Chips Controllers

The Skylanders series is definitely one of the more successful new franchises from activision and the series is known for its unique features, which allow users to use real life figurines as characters in the games.

skylanders trap team review app walkthrough

Activision has confirmed that Skylanders Trap Team, the new franchises of the series will be released on iPad, Android, and consoles together on October and this game is also free.

To play this game, you will have to purchase the Traptanium Portal base, which is connected to the iPad via Bluetooth.

The started pack will include two characters so it will be possible to jump straight into the game after purchasing the pack.
You will also find a controller inside starter pack, which is only going to be compatible with Skylanders Trap Team.
With this pack you will play the game with more comfortable controls.

Progress made on the tablet version will carry over to the console version as well that will allow you to play this game on multiple platforms.

On the other side, the Skylanders line of action-adventure oriented games meld toys with virtual games, which prompts you to purchase little plastic figurines that sport NFC chips.
You can use these chips to get the physical characters imported into the video game through a plastic mat called the Portal of Power.

In this game, you will take the role of Portal Master to use Trap Masters and traps to re-capture all of the villains that escaped during the previous game.

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