Star Citizen FPS in Planet Module Goes for PC

This game Star Citizen will be the upcoming PC space game in which it is coming with first-person shooter, racing, and planetary exploration modules in one pack.

star citizen walkthrough

Later on, the FPS module will allow you to board enemy ships and you will be able to fight other players from a first-person perspective.

With this racing module, it gives you a much better idea of what to expect.
Besides, this game will also allow you to compete for the Murray Cup.

This game looks like a straightforward racing game, in that you can fly your ships through checkpoints as well as boosting around a track.

On the other side, atmospheric combat and ground exploration will be amongst the most common feature requests for Star Citizen.

In order to achieve it, this game will have to form a team dedicated to researching and developing procedural generation technology.
Then you will be able to see how the game’s Aquila spaceship can land and deploy a ground vehicle.

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