The Next Series of Angry Birds Stella

Rovio always gives new taste in their franchise that has been put on angry birds series
As far as we know, this game developer will continue releasing their new series of angry birds called angry birds stella and the next entry in the franchise will be coming in just a matter of weeks.

angry birds stella walkthrough

Based on their statement in the official Angry Birds Facebook page, Angry Birds Stella will be arriving in the App Store and Google Play on September 4th, which it means few days next.

In the gameplay, this new series might just feel a bit like the series progenitor.
In this new series, rovio will introduce some cute characters that will be new and they are like female as you have seen in the gameplay

The trailer will reveal the birds in the game themselves, namely Stella, Gale, and Luca.
Later on, you will see a really cool in the game that is packed to the brim with female protagonists.

Plus, it will be a formula to cast some female characters in this new series and the previous sequels have been proven to be popular worldwide and they were awesome as well.

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