Spirits of Spring Adventure Game Goes to Mobile

Minority Media has announced their newest game named Spirits of Spring, which is the adventure game aka Silent Enemy, in which this game will be released on the App Store sometime next month.

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This game is the genre of a puzzle adventure game with everything in balance.
In this game, you will play as a boy named Chiwatin who has an ability to keep the balance of Winter and Spring with the help of his two spirit friends Rabbit and Bear.

On the other words, this boy is not a regular boy, as he has a really special ability to keep balance between Winter and Spring with the help of spirits.

During his journey, there are some creatures who does not like this called balance.
On the other side, this vicious Giant Crows who is the villains in the game have taken those spirits who wanted to disrupt the balance
At the same time, they will keep Winter to never ending and they will also keep it permanent.

Later on, the journey to recover the spirits and restore balance will be a really emotional one.
Moreover, this game will get you to explore a variety of themes like bullying and the power of friendship that helps overcoming it.

The main objective of this game is to recover those spirits and to restore again the balance of Winter and Spring.

Anyway, this game will be only available on App Store this coming month of October.
So just keep your eyes open on more updates or also check at their website to get the latest details.

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