Preview of The Banner Saga RPG

Stoic Studio has recently stated that The Banner Saga, the role playing game will be close to set out publicly to the App Store.
The new game will be released before September 21st, in which the team has ensured that the game will be ready to be played on ios before the end of Summer.

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This game is a nice role playing game with the combination of some really interesting features like turn based combat, choice based conversations and traveling sequences with survival elements.

The choice based conversations are the best one, in which former members of Bioware are the team behind many successful role playing games like the Dragon Age series and the Mass Effect franchise.
This is will be even more interesting and engaging by the unique graphical style as well.

In the trailer, the game is set at a time which the developers are calling the end of everything in which it tells about gods are dead, and humanity is left to fend for themselves
At this point, you will be tasked with rescuing as many people as you can.
On the other side, The Banner Saga is also filled with Vikings, so that it adds a fun splash of color.

Surely, the team has always been to create a compelling story and gameplay that complements this
And the interesting part of this game is its art style that looks just like a hand-drawn, full-length feature animation film.

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