Valiant Hearts The Great War Made by Ubisoft Goes to Mobile

This adventure game has already come to game console and PC in which it is also going to be released on iOS devices next month, allowing every smartphone gamers to experience it.

valiant hearts the great war walkthrough

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is the one of Ubisoft project, and it has been released not too long ago on consoles and PC.
The game takes a setting during World War I, where there are stars four different character who fight on different sides of the war.

The game itself is made with beautiful 2D graphics which are powered by the same graphical engine that powers the more recent Rayman games and Child Of Light
Moreover, it will give you a really unique atmosphere during the game play.

In the game play, this game features some action based sequences, puzzles, stealth sequences and boss fights and you will experience really varied and never dull, as well as managing to make characters and story even better and enhance the overall experience, making it quite immersive.
The price for the iOS version has yet to be confirmed but it will not be too different from the pricing of the consoles or PC versions.

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