Official Teaser of X-Mercs Invasion

This new turn-based strategy game will allow you to be the head of your own military corporation.
So you will be able to gather up your own squad of professional fighters that will be assigned to defeat off the alien invasion, build a modern military base, learn alien technologies to find out the motives of the invaders and also to create the deadliest weapons.

xmerch invasion walkthrough

In this game, the alien technology surpasses the most advanced technologies of Mankind, and their species are frighteningly diverse.
So you have to absorb the knowledge of your greatest enemy to fight off this threat and turn the formidable alien weapons against their place.

In the gameplay, this game tells about year 2040 a new resource pops up on Earth called the blue advinite crystals.

Furthermore, the crystals’ emanations start to influence the very nature of the planet in which plants and animals has turned into mutant monsters, so people have to hide in megalopolis under the protection of powerful force fields.

For years later, you are a commander of a military corporation with hi-tech base at your disposal, and you will have and access of the most sophisticated weaponry and a professional fighting squad.

Now, it is your duty to stop the invasion of a mysterious alien race and to rescue the humanity from total destruction. You have to your mercenaries, raise new buildings and strengthen the defenses of your military base to deal with any threat

Anyway, you will have to show your tactical skills in turn-based fights against the most dangerous and clever foes.
Then, you will fight in different corners of the world and execute contracts for the different sides in the conflict in which every action is able to influence the global situation on the planet.

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