Mario Party Island Tour for Cards Points Cheats on 3DS

Try to collect points in a single mini-game, you will try to complete the board with mario kart where you race around a track on rocket cars trying to accumulate boosters to blast your way to the goal.

mario party island tour guides

Moreover, in a mini-game called “Point ‘n’ Shoot”, you will move the system around them to find characters hiding in the virtual environment on-screen.

In “Starring Artist”, the stylus is used on the touchscreen to copy the pattern of constellations portrayed on the upper display with a few puzzle games and the use of use AR Cards in Free Play

Playing in the most traditional board, called Perilous Palace Path, you will be brought to compete in mini-games for additional dice blocks instead of stars or anything else, allowing you to get an extra step on the competition when running for the finish line.

During the mini game play, you will simply guess from one of three buttons to lower a bridge, or knock health bars off of a Whomp by rolling the dice as this will lead your way to the goal.

Meanwhile, in a single-player focused mode, you can randomly choose one of two mini-games in which every five floors or so will come to the boss battles so that you will be tempted to keep climbing all the way to the top like facing off with Bowser, in a scene similar to the final face-off in Super Mario World.

Playing in single player mode, Time Attack, will allow you to set record times while a StreetPass mini-game mode is your access to win some matches against other people, unlock special collectables like a hidden playable character and an extra board – making for 10 characters and 7 game boards, and more potential bonus.

Taking part in any of the modes will give you a chance of gathering Mario Party Points which can be used to purchase collectables that grant access to character voice clips and the music featured that are available on the game.

In accordance with some items available on this game, you will start collecting dice blocks
that you can win from minigames in Perilous Palace Path and Bowser’s Peculiar Peak.

Gold Dice Block will increase 1 to 6 spaces to your roll.
Silver Dice Block will increase 1 to 3 spaces to your roll.
Bronze Dice Block will increase 1 to 2 spaces to your roll.
Custom Dice Block will allow you to roll any number you want.
Bowser Dice Block will allow you to remain where you are in Bowser’s Peculiar Peak

On the other side, playing perilous palace path will give you an access to get board-specific items
Setback Shell will knock a selected player back two spaces.
Backwards Bill will knock a selected player back five spaces.
Blooper Chopper will cut your opponent’s roll in half.
Lightning Score Striker will subtract three from your opponent’s roll.
Lakitu Leech will summon Lakitu to steal one item from an opponent.
Dash Mushroom will increase three spaces to your roll.
Golden Dash Mushroom will increase five spaces to your roll.
Super Star will double your roll.
Crazy Kamek will summon Kamek who switches your space with another player, whom is randomly chosen.
Rocket Road Boosters will multiply the Dice Block roll.

In addition, participating in Kamek’s Carpet Ride and Shy Guy’s Shuffle City will lead you to collect some cards that will guide you to move for further
Random Cards will randomly decide how many spaces you will move.
Precision Cards will lead you to move the number of spaces written on the card.
Power Precision Cards will bring you to the number of spaces written on the card forwards and move all other characters backward the same amount.

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