Money Cheat for Pokemon Black and White 2 3DS

Get more medals by completing tournaments, trading with other people, or simply buying a lot of items from the shop.
Win a battle in tournaments to get more Pokémon.

pokemon black and white 2 review

When completing different tasks, a friendly chap will award you medals commemorating your accomplishments whenever you next visit a Pokémon Centre.

Your Pokemon will only have Tackle and a Defense-lowering attack, so the fight will be over in three turns and barring a critical hit.
Win the battle to get $500 and enough EXP to gain a level up to level 6

After defeating him then Bianca will give you a tour of the Pokemon Center in which you will get your Pokemon healed up and everything.
In addition she will show you the Poke Mart inside of the Pokemon Center and give you an astonishing 10 Poke Balls to get you started.

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