Rare Coins Cards Cheats Power Rangers Megaforce on 3DS

Just beat any incoming enemies in each stage to earn medals and rare cards
You will begin each level by choosing a Ranger with distinct weapons while at other times you can cycle through your Rangers with the L and R buttons.

power rangers megaforce tips

Each Ranger will come to the same attack,jump and mega blaster button combo, but they differ as each brings their own signature fighting style to the front, plus they also have a different feel about them

The Pink Ranger can jump higher and the Blue Ranger mixes it up with his Shark Bowgun.
On the other side, Robo Knight is quite agile and powerful enough that he can handle things on his own.

Once choosing your hero, you will be brought to explore through identical enemies that patiently wait for you to walk up and kill them as they will capture humans to steal their energy and they have also stolen the power cards, which you will need to retrieve that will also help you in battle.

Furthermore, you will go through five stages categorized into six levels whereby you will take on Loogies, monsters, environmental hazards, collect cards especially the power cards, Gosei coins and health pods.

Along the game, you will have to find special power cards like fire, lightning, confusion, slo-mo, and mega blaster.
These special cards can be used in battle or they can be used to overcome certain obstacles like when you are taking too much of a beating in the battlefield
According to this, you can swap out from the remaining four at any given time and as your hero is sidelined, he will slowly regain their energy.

And when you dish out the pain against the Loogies, the other Rangers will “heat up” and one will quickly jump in and out of battle, clearing out mobs or give you some breathing room against a boss.

Every level of this game consists of a few hordes of foes that just sort of hang around until you visit and get involved in beating them one by one.
After having tough battle with them, you will be rewarded with either medals or retrieving a card.

In the middle of the game, you will often see some text can scroll onto the screen, saying collect a fire flower or gather three coins in which you have to get this in a tight corridor.

In the attempt to collect medals, your rangers will shout at you to fight enemies, pick up medals and avoid damage when battling with any foe in this game.

The main draw of Power Rangers Megaforce is its “card” mechanic in which it will work in two ways that are within the game as you find cards in the levels you explore and outside of the game as you scan physical cards with your 3DS.

In line with this, you will find a power card lying somewhere, so that you can activate with the touch screen later on.
This power card is typically a stronger, wider attack that you can use to fight against the hordes of enemies you will encounter throughout the game

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