Love Points Cheats Rune Factory 4 for Princess on 3DS

Get full of points by helping and attracting some people
After choosing your hero or heroine, you will be tasked to build off of the social and farm then spend your day to work in the fields, harvesting crops and planting new ones in your land while gathering resources, and shipping out your product.

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And, you will be brought to travel by airship on a mission to deliver a mysterious object to the god-dragon, Lady Ventiswell, in the town of Selphia.

You will also take a role of town royal in which you are responsible for the town’s well being that can increase your royal power by accumulating prince or princess points by attracting tourists or helping out the townsfolk.
Having these points will be useful to throw festivals, expand businesses, open shops, obtain various licenses, increase different storage spaces, or even to decide who wakes you up in the morning.

On the other words, Princess or Prince Points is a merit-based system that you can use to commission new buildings, expand your farm plot, schedule festivals, and generally improve the town.

In the beginning of the game, farming opens up what you will need as planting different crops can be used in cooking, forging, crafting, medicine, as gifts, or as a simple means of income through shipping.

Every plant will come to an ideal growing season with a different amount of time to grow, and which one can be planted in easy or hard on the soil.
Because of this, you will require a good supply of fertilizer to upkeep the soil’s richness
Meanwhile, and monsters can be asked to help out with the farm’s daily chores and they will also need a daily supply of food as well.

You will be required to traverse through dungeons and complete boss battles to find out what happens next in Selphia’s saga such as completing townsfolk’s requests, finding items, and leveling up different magic and weapon skillsets.
While exploring, you’ll invariably come across new materials, plants, or seeds you’ll want to try out in the garden, and find yourself rushing back home to whip out the hoe and get tilling.

Your actions will lead you to go for a separate kind of currency, one that allows you to buy crafting licenses, make various improvements to your farm, improve the stock at local shops, and hold festivals and special events in your village.

On the other side, there are specific experience points to earn in dozens of different areas, like “Skill Up!” messages appearing on-screen every time you move up a level in that it lets you methodically level-up in ‘Sword’, ‘Love’, ‘Fishing’, ‘Walking’, ‘Sleeping’, ‘Bathing’, and ‘Throwing’ categories.

For further mission, you will have to concentrate on the game’s six bachelors or bachelorettes, giving them gifts, taking them out on dates, and eventually getting married.

Besides, the main point in this game is that all three of its main activities – farming, flirting, and fighting – intertwine into one incredibly addictive cycle.
Thus, you might decide to set out exploring, braving the baddie-filled field map as you discover new dungeons, monsters, bosses, and plot-points.

In line with this, you could take up various requests from the townspeople, helping them out by learning to cook, bringing them an item they need, or clearing an area of monsters.
Alongside, the combat is satisfyingly simple hack-and-slash, with plenty of different weapons and spells to pick up along the way.

In addition, you can start out planting flowers to sell in the shipping box, but hold on to a few extras at harvest time to make a bouquet for your beloved.

After giving them the flowers, you could ask them to join you on an adventure into the field so that you can raise their all-important Love Points and provide some much-needed backup.

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