Rupees Cheats The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds on 3DS

Getting rupees in this game will bring you to go through village and some enemies to dealt with
In line with this, after defeating the first dungeon, you will later on visit Kakariko Village.

the legend of zelda a link between worlds tips

There, you will earn 50 rupees which you can do by taking on a quick bee-keeping job at the bee house
in that, you just look for the giant bee on the building in order to accomplish it.

During there, get the net, and cut grass, bushes and pots around the city until you come across the bee. Snag it with the net, take it back to the house, and get the rupees then hit the shop and pick up your shield that you will need to explore every village.

Furthermore, if you are short on rupees, try to strike down objects in the environment and clean up.
Besides, if you want to gather it in a quick time, you can search for jobs to make it true.

Moreover, in order to find extra rupees in this game, try to smash pots, slash away at bushes and trees, so that you will discover bits and pieces of them everywhere.
By doing so can also complete side-jobs and look for treasure chests that harvest red rupees, which really add a lot to your total.
Thus, just take a look around and explore every environment of every village

In the way of getting the hint glasses in this game, you can use the hint glasses to spot ghosts that are out of plain sight, and who will provide helpful tips with certain areas, such as dungeons.
According to this, you have to visit to the fortune teller just north of Kakariko Village in that you have to stay alert of ghosts during your journey there

To get additional weapons, just visit to your house, where your new room-mate Ravio has taken up refuge and set up shop.
Your friends will offer “rent” items to you, with the lower cost items that you will need first, such as the arrows for the first dungeon.

Use a bow and arrow set in the first dungeon to shoot at out-of-reach switches whereby it will activate platforms, and give you access to locate a key to get through the big door in there.

Use Bombs to blast open passages that are out of plain sight – or have cracks in them – and attack certain enemies like bosses, or those with protective armor.

Boomerangs will be great to be used for a fairly good range whereby they can stun enemies from a distance, so that you can finish them off with your sword
Alongside, they can collect items that are beyond your reach, like a heart sitting on a shelf.

The Hammer will be useful to be used for melee attacks, like hammering certain pegs into the ground to complete puzzles
Therefore just watch out for their markers in order to accomplish these challenges.

Having the Hookshot or a grappling hook will help you get over tall walls in a hurry, as well as help you discover secret areas that are hidden out of view.

In addition, if you want to deliver damage effects and hurt enemies in certain ways, you can use several Rods such as the Tornado Rod, the Ice Rod, the Fire Rod and the Sand Rod in that each come in handy at different points in the game.

In accordance with this, using the ice rod will let you freeze enemies and strike them to quickly take them out.

And using The Fire Rod will help you provide a large flaming effect that hits more than one enemy at once in which it will be great when you get surrounded by some enemies in this game.

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