Cheat Codes Ni no Kuni Wrath of The White Witch on PS3

Be sure to unlock the ability to quick travel from places to another first.
When being in the battle every party member can equip up to three familiars in which you have as many as 12 combatants at your disposal during battle, though only three at any given time.

ni no kuni wrath of the witch review

Try to collect some creatures by fighting them then you can name the creature and add it to your stable
Do also maintenance to direct control, maneuvering into effective position to attack, defend, or unleash magic or other special skills.
You have also to pay close attention in visual indicators to take a defensive position at just the right time, or to interrupt a creature’s attack with a well-timed strike.

Try also to maintain a proper balance of healing, offense, and defense while being aware of your opponent’s weaknesses
Afterward try to nab the healing and mana orbs they occasionally drop.

By having the majority of battles you will get at least one pet or another increased a level. On the other side your 9 active pets will reach experience even if you do not order them into combat.

Try to set basic behaviors for the AI party members during combat action.
Combat exhibits other quirks too in which familiars will be stuck against each other or monsters
Besides party members will whack on baddies with their puny weapons when a familiar would be the better choice.

Bosses require the most party micromanagement, and they are a slithering snake in Egyptian garb, a horned demon hissing at you with its menacing purple tongue and its obese figure belted by gnarled branches then a rubbery invertebrate with blinking lights rimming its bell and tentacles, giving it the look of a carnival ride.

Try to take down monsters to earn rewards
Just help a street vendor assemble the most delicious curry you ever did taste
Collect a sun-shaped creature in order to help a plant grow.

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