Combos Cards Cheats Saint Seiya Brave Soldier on PlayStation

This anime-themed fighting games features true-to-the-source visuals, a story mode, online and offline versus, and some unlockable characters to be unlocked for your squad.

saint seiya brave soldier tips

A story mode introduces you some multiple arcs of the original story namely Sanctuary, Poseidon, and Hades in that a gigantic roster of characters that will be over 50, with up to 15 variations for each, character variants to use and collectible cards.

Combat will be pretty easy to get the hang of, in that you can assault foes with special skills and big bang attacks, while having many advanced combos or strategies.

Every character has strong and weak attacks that can be chained together for basic combos, a basic jump or dash maneuver, and throws in which the luster wears off as time rolls on.

You can perform stronger strikes, special attacks, and homing maneuvers that will need the cost of your cosmo meter, and you can also build up on landing and receiving attacks but it can be charged up manually as well.

When fighting against enemies, you can deliver a hugely damaging big bang attack with three full cosmo bars, resulting in an impressively animated attack sequence that expertly showcases the fantastical, melodramatic fighting attacks of the source material.
On the other side, the seventh sense meter builds up over time and can be triggered when full, as this will trigger your heroes to use a power boost.

Typically, the battles devolve into using the “dodge behind foe” skill when taking damage to interrupt foes and start your own combos, and then running away, charging up, and delivering super skills over and over again until you beat your foes

In addition, during the battle, you will be able to use characters and variants that you have unlocked through story mode, in which you can also customize your characters with status-augmenting orbs that you can purchase with currency earned in-game.

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