Diamonds Cheats The Mighty Quest on PC

In this dungeon crawling and dungeon building action-RPG strategy game, The Mighty Quest you must construct a castle filled with traps and monster to keep out other players while trying to invade your castle for resources.

the mighty quest for epic loot tips

Furthermore, you will also be tasked with setting the minions, traps and structure around your castle
Once everything is done, you will get full protection in which you can defend your collected gold and life-force that will be your main resources

Besides, you will be assigned to collect gold that you can use to purchase most items and upgrades and you should also get life-force to build your castle for more specific levels.

In line with this, before your castle goes into effect, you must “validate” it by completing it with your own character.
However, when validating your castle, any monster will be asleep in that they will not attack unless attacked by the player first.

Later on, all you will have to do is simply to enter castles, fight monsters, gather loot and evade traps and you have to complete the dungeon before its timer runs out in order to get a bonus before exiting.

When performing your invasion, most castle defenses in this game will focus on mobs of creatures over large or single minions
For such reasons, you have to equip your heroes up to four spells and abilities at a time while you will be able to unlock new when you reach new levels.

In order to respawn your heroes in the combat, you can spend gold to resurrect your heroes as many times as you can afford.

Moreover, you can equip your character out with any four abilities from your pool of skills
At this point, it will be better to focus on crowd control and area of effect while carrying on three crowd control skills and one single-target stun ability.

On the other side, you should focus down mobs of weaker minions while taking bigger, unique monsters like the always-popular Count Snottingham that will come out of play for a few seconds.
One thing, make sure you buy potions for your characters before taking any action during invasion

You can place any trap surrounding by flamethrowers and hamster wheels, than use them to soften up your opponents while taking a rest.

And if you pull too many enemies to handle at the same time, just run away and carry them through opposing traps as you are faster than most of them.

Anyway, most traps and minion attacks are easily avoided, like the mortar launchers, rely on constant splash damage whereby a single one of these will clear out enemy minions.
One mortar launch will not be a big deal but combined with the full force of an enemy mob, it will be a good ides to attack your characters.

In addition, build also a research lab then upgrade your minions strength and abilities using the same life-force needed to spawn traps and creatures when facing enemies.
Meanwhile, you will be able to rearrange your defenses many times but some minions can always get stronger at that time.

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