Cash Points Cheats FIFA Manager 14 for PC

Try winning in leagues competitions to get more money bucks
Along the game, you will deal with your soccer management experience leading you to accomplish some tasks for having some rewards including cash and points.

fifa manager 14 tips

In the way of making cash in this game, you can put your players on the market in the last hours before the transfer window closes

Throughout the game, you will be as manager who is assigned to accomplish some exciting tasks in the daily work in which completing every task of this game will help you to get extra points and acquire manager levels.

On the other words, this game will give you a simulation of a soccer season incorporating updated rosters, kits and statistics.
Meanwhile, you will also enjoy the 70 licensed leagues and 1000 licensed clubs.

In the beginning of the game, you will be brought to some improvements such as the manager home, expanded statistics, rumor mill, team matrix and psychological profile.

In line with this, you will be able to analyze every detail of your players and view their record progress when they play with another team.

Moreover, you can also view your player’s experience, so that it will give you a consideration of the players that will reach sooner the next level.

Therefore, you can select several exercises in order to determine which player might actually have a real chance as a professional

Thus, all you have to do is simply to start working with your team and focus on several things concerning how they play, what their skills will be performed in the field, who is about to level up and who is unhappy with the program of your management.

After you master all your new manager tasks, you will be ready for a real soccer match competing with the other team worldwide.
When being in the match, you will have indirect control of your player with shouts like “make a run!” while influencing, tweaking the sliders for tactical bias and tackling strategy as well.

On the other side, you can give chances to players who are talented in which they can choose several exercises so that they will be a professional football player for the next seasons.

You will also be allowed to change your role where you can also build a stadium so that you can play your matches after its construction.

In order to see the skill numbers with a percentage value for the progress to next level, you can activate a checkbox added to the player info screen, below the skills

Furthermore, you can apply for hosting one of the big finals that will give you international prestige if your club has a stadium suitable for international games

In addition, creating additional challenges in the actual game will come to the single player mode with more space for the events

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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