Hints to Solve Puzzle in Memoria PC

Always use spells to accomplish each goal as it incudes a variety of different puzzle types such as magic spells, dialogue, inventory, and even environmental elements.

memoria tips

This series relies on the use of magic spells, which enhance the depth of its puzzle scenarios along the game.

One such spell in this game is the “Send Vision” spell.
Sadja is able to select from objects in a scene that bear meaning to a particular character, which allows her to persuade the spell’s target.

Each character has their share of obstacles to overcome.
Geron is assigned to solve mysterious events in his home town, villagers being turned into stone pillars, the theft of a merchant’s gems, and the unnerving fate of the magic Academy’s headmaster make up some of the challenges he faces.
He is constantly at the mercy of the mysterious entity responsible for acts of theft and murder as well

Meanwhile, Sadja is tested by a shady traveling companion and undermined by the adepts of the flying fortress Keshal Rhi.

In addition, the warrior princess’s main goal is to serve in the holy army and make her mark in the history books, all the while a demonic army threatens the fate of her kingdom and its people.

Playing this game utilizes a single-click system of interactivity.
When hovering over an interactive object, the cursor will change to reflect what you should do to that object though.

A hand means you can pick up or use it
An eye means you can examine it
A foot means you can walk towards it.
Left-clicking on an interactive object will automatically make that interaction to happen.

Non-interactive objects, scenery, will simply have a normal arrow cursor when hovered over.
So clicking on such an area will cause Geron or Sadja to walk there.
Double-clicking an exit will make Geron or Sadja leave the area instead of walking across the screen to the exit.

While you do not need to play Chains of Satinav to understand this game, take a time to some plot points and character history.
Talking to NPCs and examining the world around will offer you information on the events of Chains of Satinav and the overarching world of The Dark Eye.

If you get stuck in an area, just use spells you have available and their dual uses—sometimes in which magic is very important in this game.

Save achievements if you go for all achievements and earn them.
And if two achievements are mutually exclusive, save, earn one, then load and earn the other one.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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